From: Mike Higgins
Tool & Gage
Robert Bosch Fuel Systems.

Can not say enough about the Service and Quality of Service we receive from MG Metrology.  I referenced the Service first because of the unusually quick response time  we consistently receive from MG Metrology.  We here at Bosch deal with many venders and in these tough times, where companies have down size, getting good/quality service is taking longer.   But that has not been the case with MG Metrology.  You make a phone call to them and you can always count on a quick response.  I’ve been in the Tool & Gage dept. for over fifteen years and have been doing business with MG Metrology all of that time.  We have never had a quality issue for services rendered but more than that, Munther will freely offer long term solutions that in many case will reduce the need of repeated service calls.  I and the rest of the members in the department can confidently recommend MG Metrology for your company.


From: Mark Sessums
QA Tech. V.
Haworth Inc.

I have worked at Haworth for the past 30 years. We have Dea/Brown&Sharpe CMM’s at our Haworth plants. Muther has helped us maintain them by calibration, PM, and repairs over the last 10 years. He has an excellent record of response time and holding costs to the minimum. Our CMMs would have been down for weeks if we had to wait for other repair services, this would have cost our company a lot of money. Munther’s commitment to keeping the response time to a minimum and costs low have helped us out on numerous occasions.


From: Ron Kage
Quality Manager
Clark Manufacturing Company.

 “MG Metrology has consistently surpassed our expectations with excellent, prompt, accurate and courteous service. They have moved CMMs for us, recommended new and used equipment, located good equipment, provided quick, effective repairs, provided training and calibrated our CMM equipment for many years.”


From: Jim Davis,
Quality Manager
JO-AD Industries,

 I have found MG Metrology to be excellent for CMM repair and calibration for both our companies CMM’S. I have had good service from them for several years and hope to continue with them.

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